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Energy Cost comparison service
Full Cost analysis for every Meter

Business Utility bills are likely to be a major outgoing for your Company, yet many business owners are entrusted within the cycle with their current suppliers by renewing their energy-supply contracts. This may be costing your company thousands of pounds.

If you've never changed or you remain with the same supplier for a long period time, the likelihood is that you'll have moved towards the most expensive tariffs within the company and you'll potentially be paying far more than you need to.

Business & energy markets are continuously changing. Keeping you our client abreast of these changes is our job and passing the positive changes onto you, our customer, is our primary objective.

Client management service

We offer a complete client management service for all our clients. Once we have secured your energy agreement we will deal with all aspects of your account. We will terminate your old agreement by making sure your transfer goes as smoothly as possible and collect meter reads for your old and new suppliers.

We will also make sure you do not go on to out of contract rates when your contract expires. Your account manager will deal with any issues that may arise with your energy contracts.

Most business owners don't realise that they can switch their business energy supplier up to 3 months before the end of their current agreement, ensuring that they don't get rolled over onto a new more expensive contract by their current supplier. By allowing U4 UTILITIES to preform a Full Cost analysis when your contract is up for renewal make sure you get the best deal available

Please see are online client login for all billing, contract rates end any further information you may need

More than one premises? We offer multi-site quotes.

Require fixed rate plan? We provide fixed rate business plans for you to benefit over 1, 2, 3, 4 and even 5 years.

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